Something Wicked

After the relative success of Eighty Days, we thought we’d have a stab at a completely original story.  After many ideas, we settled on a supernatural mystery comedy thriller (yup, we know) set in the 1920s, in the fictional country village of Twivestone.  It was staged, as was our previous effort, at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham, with the Purple Theatre Company.  The music was much darker this time, but still with occasional comic relief.  The violinists approached me (Toby) at the end of the run and said “you do know that, with one or two exceptions, none of the violin parts go above the 2nd string?”.  This made me smile 😉


Set in the fictional village of Twifestone on the eve of and during Feb 29th, 1928, it follows our young hero Algernon Ruttock Junior as he returns to his home village to solve the curse that has dogged his family for centuries and which has slain his estranged father. The curse stretches back to the 1600’s, and deals with a local legend – the Twifestone Witch. Assisted by Amy, his childhood sweetheart, and a number of other characters from the village, Algy discovers that his family has a shameful secret, which he must atone for in order to lift the curse and give the Witch rest. The victims begin to mount up, and they realise that the Witch has a living accomplice – who has altered the balance and brought a threat to everyone concerned. The climax comes as the accomplice is identified and the Witch is confronted by Algy, now a remorseful but determined descendant of her original persecutor.

The atmosphere and the music contrast from suspenseful to tragic to the absurd – from a 300 year old mystery where the only clues that may remain are in an old local book, to a scene involving a description of one of the victims’ demise, all preceded by a family scene with a quick-fire song based around a board game. You can’t help but be intrigued…